Reconstruction: How long does it take?

You can calculate with 30sec. per image on a computer with i7@2,9GHz, GTX1070 8GB, 32GB Ram.

Performance: % of overall processing time with default pipeline: ~38% DepthMap / ~24% Meshing

With the 2019.1.0 release, the reconstruction time has been reduced by ~30% compared to the 2018.1 release. The Cache Folder file size has been reduced by 20% Tested with the Monstree Dataset: (comparing only computing time, not quality) Computing time in seconds: (total MR2018 260s / MR2019 185s)

(Link to the Scanbox test 2018)

../../_images/comparison.jpg ../../_images/time-node.jpg

For a Full Pipeline Evaluation including the “Tanks and Temples” evaluation benchmark read D5.4: Deliver 3D reconstruction benchmarks with dataset available on in Documents, Reports.