meshroom_batch (formerly meshroom_photogrammetry)

Launch the full photogrammetry or panorama HDR pipeline.




-i, --input

Input folder containing images or folders of images or file (.sfm or .json) with images paths and optionally predefined camera intrinsics.

-I, --inputRecursive

Input folders containing all images recursively.

-p, --pipeline

“photogrammetry” pipeline, “panotamaHdr” pipeline, “panotamaFisheyeHdr” pipeline or a Meshroom file containing a custom pipeline to run on input images. Requirements: the graph must contain one CameraInit node, and one Publish node if –output is set.


Path to a JSON file containing the graph parameters overrides.


Override specific parameters directly from the command line (by node type or by node names).

-o, --output

Output folder where results should be copied to. If not set, results will have to be retrieved directly from the cache folder.


Custom cache folder to write computation results. If not set, the default cache folder will be used.


Save the configured Meshroom graph to a project file. It will setup the cache folder accordingly if not explicitly changed by –cache.


You can set it to <no/false/0> to disable the computation.


Downscale factor override for DepthMap estimation. By default (-1): use pipeline default value.


Process the node(s) with its dependencies.


Force computation if status is RUNNING or SUBMITTED.


Compute in all cases even if already computed.


Submit on renderfarm instead of local computation.


Execute job with a specific submitter.