View and Edit Models


You can drag and drop different OBJ and PLY files as layers.


So in this case I have a layer for both the final mesh and the SFM points/cameras. Sometimes the mesh smoothing step can be a little too aggressive so I find it useful to compare between the original mesh and the smooth mesh. If the mesh looks broken, the PLY sfm data and the OBJ meshes are great for tracing through the pipeline.

clean up / delete / smooth

The first thing you want to do is to rotate your model and align it with the coordinate system.

You can import the obj into Meshlab then go to Filters :math:`Rightarrow` Normals, Curvatures ** and **Orientation :math:`Rightarrow` Transform: Rotate ** ** and align it yourself from there. ** **

There might be some parts of the model or the scene you want to remove.

You can select ….. then remove…



Smooth mesh

If you don’t like the smoothing results from Meshroom, you can smooth the mesh yourself.

Tutorials by Mister P. MeshLab Tutorials MeshLab Basics: Navigation

MeshLab Basics: Selection, part one

MeshLab Basics: Selection, part two

Cleaning: Triangles and Vertices Removal

Cleaning: Basic filters

Mesh Processing: Decimation Meshlab Processing: Smoothing

MeshLab Basics: Scale to real measures


For detailed instructions visit the blender homepage or the blender youtube channel .

Here is a quick tutorial on how to optimize photogrammetry objects inside Blender: How to 3D Photoscan Easy and Free!

meshing filtering 10:18 / 13:17 blender import

Meshroom2Blender Blender Plugin

Blender importer for AliceVision Meshroom

datafiles: cameras, images, sparse pointcloud and obj’s.

Basic implementation of Meshroom importer. If you have sophisticated node tree it will use only the first nodes from the file. Addon assumes you did compute each stages/nodes, and the output is same. Visit the Github project site for details.



Addon for Blender 2.79b. 3DSurvey Collection of tools to improve the work-flow of a 3D survey (terrestrial or UAV photogrammetry). Import multiple objs at once (with correct orientation), for instance a bunch of models made in Meshroom.

Instant Meshes

includes quick intro

why do we want to use it? It is a really fast auto-retopology solution and helps you create more accurate meshes



3D point cloud and mesh processing software

Open Source Project



Export model to Unity

Start Unity, open your project and your asset folder.

Navigate in the file Explorer of your OS to the assets subfolder where you want to store your Photogrammetry object.

Copy the model.obj and texture.jpg (or other supported file types) from the Meshroom Export folder to the Unity assets subfolder.

Open Unity and wait for the auto-import to complete.

You might want to optimize your mesh and texture for ingame use.


Now you can add your model to the scene.

There is a little more to do to create a simple demo game, like adding a Mesh collider, optimize the texture,…

For detailed instructions visit the Unity homepage .

Here is a manual on how to optimize photogrammetry objects inside Unity: Unity Photogrammetry Workflow .. image:: 100000000000076E00000401AC14E84A53702851.jpg

Export to Maya (Plugin)

MeshroomMaya (v0.4.2) is a Maya plugin that enables to model 3D objects from images.

This plugin is not available at the moment.

Use the Export to Maya node instead.

Alembic bridge

Export from Meshroom for Maya

Use the Export to Maya node to export the Alembic ABC file

Import in Nuke/Mari

In menu “NukeMVG \Rightarrow Import Alembic” , .abc file can be loaded. The tool create the graph of camera projection. Result can be export to Mari via Nuke + Mari bridge.


SideFX Houdini Plugin

An implementation of Alicevision is available in Houdini as part of the (free) GameDevelopmentToolset.

You can find Installation Instructions on the following page:

Review (german):

Students can download the free learning edition called ` <>`_ Houdini Apprentice . This is a node-locked license that has all the features of Houdini FX with some restrictions such as a limited render size and a watermark on final renderings.