1. Extract the .tar.gz file in any folder.

tar -xf Meshroom-20XX.Y.Z-linux-cudaCC.tar.gz

cd Meshroom-20XX.Y.Z
  1. From this folder run:


to launch the GUI.

From The Arch User Repository

yay --needed -S popsift uncertainty-framework cuda

yay -S meshroom


See the AUR page for more information.

Set up environment

Meshroom requires a build of AliceVision and need to have AliceVision installation in your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Your PATH should contain the folder where the AliveVision binaries can be found. Suppose ALICEVISION_INSTALL contains the directory where the library is installed, then



On some distributions (e.g Ubuntu), you may have conflicts between native drivers and mesa drivers, resulting in an empty black window. In that case, you need to force usage of native drivers by adding them to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH:


You may need to adjust the folder /usr/lib/nvidia-340 with the correct driver version (e.g. 330, 350 etc..).

We suggest to create a bash executable in the root of the meshroom folder to ease the task:


# this should point to the installation folder of AliceVision, for the pre-built binaries
# it would be the full path to the folder aliceVision
export ALICEVISION_INSTALL=/path/to/aliceVision

# if you are using the plugins, here list all the paths to find them
#f or the pre-built binaries it is the full path to the folder qtPlugins/qml/
export QML2_IMPORT_PATH=/path/to/qmlAlembic/build/install/qml:/path/to/QtAliceVision/build/install/qml:/path/to/QtOIIO/build/install/qml/:$QML2_IMPORT_PATH

# location of the sensor database
export ALICEVISION_SENSOR_DB=${ALICEVISION_INSTALL}/share/aliceVision/cameraSensors.db

# adjust according to your driver and cuda version
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${ALICEVISION_INSTALL}/lib:/usr/lib/nvidia-384:/usr/local/cuda-8.0/lib64/:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

# the meshroom path (the current directory)

# this line launch whatever script and relevant options that are given as input ($@)

Then you can also create an executable to launch the GUI:

./ meshroom/ui $@

Don’t forget to make the two files executable:

chmod +x

Launch the User Interface

To launch the user interface simply use the previous shell script:

# launch the gui

# launch the gui with e.g. a given Project
./meshroom_ui --project

# launch with --help for the list of supported parameters
./meshroom_ui --help