3D Viewer


The 3D Viewer will preview the SfM Pointcloud, cameras and the Mesh preview. You can use your mouse or the rotate/scale toolbar on the left. You can hold Shift to pan. Press F to reset the view. Double-click to create a new rotation center for the Mesh. To display the final model, a button will appear on the bottom side to load the mesh (Load model). Uncheck the SfM layer for a better view. To refit the 3D-model to the new dimensions of the pane if you changed its size, right-click to display a menu with refitting options.


By default StructureFromMotion and Texturing results will be added to your Scene layers. You can add the outputs of other node variations to your Scene in the 3D Viewer by double clicking on the nodes. Supported nodes: StructureFromMotion, Texturing, MeshDecimate, MeshDenoise, MeshResampling

3D Model The final 3D-Model will be saved in Project Folder →MeshroomCache → Texturing

By default it will be saved in the OBJ format. You can change it in the node settings.


At the moment Meshroom does not support model realignment, so the model can be orientated upside down relative to the grid. You can change the orientation in another software like Meshlab.