Live ReconstructionΒΆ

Live reconstruction is meant to be used along with a camera that can transfer images to a computer while shooting (using wifi, a wifi sd-card or Tethering). Meshroom can watch a folder for new images and successively augment previous SfM (point clouds + cameras) after each {Min. Images} per Step. This allows to get an iterative preview during shooting, e.g to see which areas of the dataset requires more coverage.

To enable Live Reconstruction go to the menu bar View :math:`Rightarrow` Live Reconstruction A new Live Reconstruction pane will appear under the Images pane.

For each new import, a new Image Group inside the Images pane will be created. Also the Graph Editor updates the graph, adding nodes to process the newly added images and add them to the pipeline.

Select the Image Folder to watch and the minimum of new images folder to be imported per step. Click Start in the Live Reconstruction pane to start monitoring the selected folder for new files. You should then see in the graph one branch (from CameraInit to StructureFromMotion) for each batch of images. 1 The reconstruction process will stop at the last processed StructureFromMotion node and will not automatically go through the rest of the default pipeline. This is for practical reasons. The point cloud will update in real time with newly added images. Computing the mesh for every new image batch is not effective.

Once you complete the image capturing process, click Stop and disconnect the PrepareDenseScene node from the first StructureFromMotion node and connect it with the last StructureFromMotion node.

../../../_images/live_graph.jpg ../../../_images/live_reconstruction.jpg ../../../_images/live_reconnect_graph.jpg


The groups will be merged using the ImageMatchingMultiSfM node. Read the node description for details.

A demo video can be found here: