Start Reconstruction

Click the green Start button to start processing. To stop/pause click the Stop button. The progress will be kept.

There are two progress bars: the line below the menu bar indicating the overall progress and the other in the Graph Editor within the nodes. To get a detailed progress log, open the CommandLine window or click on the node you are interested in and go to the Log tab in the properties pane of the Graph Editor.

You can open the (Your-Project-Folder) \Rightarrow MeshroomCache to see the output of each node. (Shortcut: Icon and path at the bottom left side of the main window)

A node folder contains the output of the node. By default Meshroom uses a unique id to name the output folders to prevent overwriting data and already computed results of the project can be reused.

Example: You are not satisfied with your first result and make changes to the StructureFromMotion node. The new output will be placed under a different name inside the StructureFromMotion Folder.

You can change the name of the output folders of your nodes by clicking on the node and changing the Output Folder name in the Attributes tab of the Graph Editor Properties pane.

External Reconstruction


Use this option when you compute externally after submission to a render farm from meshroom. (need to have access to a renderfarm and need the corresponding submitter).

This way, you can make use of external computing power. If you can not compute GPU nodes locally (no cuda) you can still submit them.


Available submitters: