Images cannot be imported

The import module from AliceVision has problems parsing corrupted image files. Some mobile phone cameras and action cams/small cameras like the CGO3+ from Yuneec produce images which are not valid. Most image viewers and editing software can handle minor inconsistencies.

Use tools like Bad Peggy to check for errors in your image files.

e.g. “…extraneous bytes before marker 0xdb”.

or “Truncated File - Missing EOI marker” on a raspberry camera

To fix this problem, you need to bulk convert your dataset (this is why downscaling worked too). You can use IrfranView File->Batch Conversion or Imagemagick. Make sure you set the quality to 100%. Now you can add the images to Meshroom (assuming the camera is in the sensor db).

drag and drop of images does not work (#149) mouse over the with any photos the cursor is disabled and dropping photos into the viewport has no effect. Do you run Meshroom as admin? If yes, that’s the cause. Windows disables drag and drop on applications being run as admin.

Note: avoid special characters/non-ASCII characters in Meshroom and images file paths (#209)