Multi Camera Rig

If you shoot a static dataset with a moving rig of cameras (cameras rigidly fixed together with shutter synchronization), you can declare this constraint to the reconstruction algorithm.

Currently, there is no solution to declare this constraint directly within the Meshroom UI, but you can use the following file naming convention:

+ rig/  # "rig" folder
|-+ 0/  # sub-folder with the index of the camera (starting at 0)
|---- DSC_0001.JPG  # Your camera filename (the is no constraint on the filename, here "DSC_" prefix is just an example)
|---- DSC_0002.JPG
|-+ 1/ # sub-folder with the index of the camera
|---- DSC_0001.JPG
|---- DSC_0002.JPG

All images with the same name in different “rig/cameraIndex” folder will be declared linked together by the same transformation. So in this example, the relative pose between the 2 “DSC_0001.JPG” images from the camera 0 and camera 1 will be the same than between the 2 “DSC_0002.JPG” images.

When you drop your images into Meshroom, this constraint will be recognized and you will be able to see it in the CameraInit node (see Rig and Rig Sub-Pose of the Viewpoints parameter).