StructureFromMotion failsΒΆ

StructureFromMotion may fail when there is not enough features extracted from the image dataset (weakly textured dataset like indoor environment). In this case, you can try to augment the amount of features:

  • DescriberPreset to High or Ultra in FeatureExtraction

  • Add AKAZE as DescriberType on FeatureExtraction, FeatureMatching and StructureFromMotion nodes

Using more features will reduce performances on large datasets. Another problem is that adding too much features (less reliable) may also reduce the amount of matches by creating more ambiguities and conflicts during features matching.

  • Guided Matching parameter on FeatureMatching is useful to reduce conflicts during feature matching but is costly in performance. So it is very useful when you have few images (like a cameras rig from a scan studio).