Things you can check/try:

  • make sure the downloaded Meshroom files are not corrupted (incomplete/interrupted download)

  • avoid special characters/non-ASCII characters in Meshroom and images file paths (#209)

  • make sure your antivirus program does not interfere with Meshroom ((#178)/(#342))

  • are you running Meshroom as Admin? (This will disable drag-and-drop on windows)

  • Check your Python installation /reinstall as admin and check the PATH if there are any conflicts

  • update/install latest NVIDIA drivers

  • set your NVIDIA GPU as primary GPU for Meshroom. (NVIDIA Control Panel \Rightarrow Manage 3D Settings)

  • Try the Meshroom 2018.1 release; when using windows 7 try the corresponding release (Meshroom 2019.1 has some problems with Texturing #449, DepthMap and some photo datasets which worked in 2018.1 #409. These problems will be addressed in the next release)

  • Test Meshroom with the Monstree dataset

  • Sometimes the pipeline is corrupted. Clear the cache for the node (and following nodes) with the error. Sometimes restarting the application / the computer might help. #201

  • check your images for problems