• creates abc’, ‘sfm’, ‘json’, ‘ply’, ‘baf SfM File from SfMData file including the selected Describer Types

This node can be used to convert the sparse point cloud from StructureFromMotion node or the dense point cloud from the Meshing node. To convert pointclouds to abc, sfm, json, ply, baf, disable SIFT and enable the unknown Describer Type.





SfMData file

SfM File Format

SfM File Format (output file extension: abc’, ‘sfm’, ‘json’, ‘ply’, ‘baf)``

Describer Types

Describer types to keep.'sift', 'sift_float', 'sift_upright', 'akaze', 'akaze_liop', 'akaze_mldb', 'cctag3', 'cctag4', 'sift_ocv', 'akaze_ocv', 'unknown'

Image id

Image id

Image White List

image white list (uids or image paths).


Export views


Export intrinsics


Export extrinsics


Export structure


Export observations

Verbose Level

verbosity level (fatal, error, warning, info, debug, trace)


Path to the output SfM Data file. (desc.Node.internalFolder + ‘sfm.{fileExtension})

Refine Intrinsics

Enable/Disable camera intrinsics refinement for each localized image

Reprojection Error

Maximum reprojection error (in pixels) allowed for resectioning. If set to 0 it lets the ACRansac select an optimal value (0 - 10)

Use Localize Rig Naive

Enable/Disable the naive method for rig localization: naive method tries to localize each camera separately

Angular Threshold

The maximum angular threshold in degrees between feature bearing vector and 3D point direction. Used only with the opengv method (0 - 10)


[voctree] Filename for the vocabulary tree

Voctree Weights

[voctree] Filename for the vocabulary tree weights


[voctree] Algorithm type: {FirstBest, AllResults}``

Nb Image Match

[voctree] Number of images to retrieve in the database

Max Results

[voctree] For algorithm AllResults, it stops the image matching when this number of matched images is reached. If 0 it is ignored (0 - 100)

Matching Error

[voctree] Maximum matching error (in pixels) allowed for image matching with geometric verification. If set to 0 it lets the ACRansac select an optimal value (0 - 10)

N Nearest Key Frames

[cctag] Number of images to retrieve in database (0 - 50)

Output Alembic

Filename for the SfMData export file (where camera poses will be stored) desc.Node.internalFolder + ‘

Input nodes: StructureFromMotion:output:math:`Rightarrow` input:ConvertSfMFormat

Can I convert between Openmvg and alicevision SfM formats?

OpenMVG and AliceVision json formats are very similar in the structure but not compatible right away as openmvg is a data serialization file among other things.