Calibrate LDR to HDR response curve from samples





SfM Data File

Samples folder

Samples folder


Bypass HDR creation and use the medium bracket as the source for the next steps

Calibration Method

Method used for camera calibration

Calibration Weight

Weight function used to calibrate camera response

Number of Brackets

Number of exposure brackets per HDR image (0 for automatic detection).

Automatic Nb Brackets

Number of exposure brackets used per HDR image. It is detected automatically from input Viewpoints metadata if “userNbBrackets” is 0, else it is equal to “userNbBrackets”.

Channel Quantization Power

Quantization level like 8 bits or 10 bits.

Max Number of Points

Max number of points used from the sampling. This ensures that the number of pixels values extracted by the sampling can be managed by the calibration step (in term of computation time and memory usage).

Verbose Level

[‘fatal’, ‘error’, ‘warning’, ‘info’, ‘debug’, ‘trace’]

Output response File

Path to the output response file