This node can combine image matching between two input SfMData.

Used for live-reconstruction and augment-reconstruction.




Input A

SfMData file

Input B

SfMData file

Features Folders

Folder(s) containing the extracted features and descriptors


Input name for the vocabulary tree file ALICEVISION_VOCTREE


Input name for the weight file if not provided the weights will be computed on the database built with the provided set

Matching Mode

The mode to combine image matching between the input SfMData A and B: a/a+a/b for A with A + A with B. a/ab [‘a/a+a/b’ // ‘a/ab’ // ‘a/b’]

Minimal Number of Images

Minimal number of images to use the vocabulary tree. If we have less features than this threshold we will compute all matching combinations

Max Descriptors

Limit the number of descriptors you load per image. Zero means no limit 500 (0-100000)

Nb Matches

The number of matches to retrieve for each image (If 0 it will retrieve all the matches) 50 (0-1000)

Verbose Level

verbosity level (fatal, error, warning, info, debug, trace)

Output List File

Filepath to the output file with the list of selected image pairs

Output Combined SfM

Path for the combined SfMData file internalFolder + ‘combineSfM.sfm