This is a node for keyframe selection from video, which removes too similar or too blurry images.


At the moment, KeyframeSelection can not be used as input for CameraInit. We cannot know in advance how many images will be extracted, but the total number of images is required for render farm submisson. So when adding a video file to Meshroom, the following Message will appear: “You need to manually compute the KeyframeSelection node and then reimport the created images into Meshroom for the reconstruction.”

To automatically add extracted frames to your project you can copy the output folder path of KeyframeExtraction and set it as the Live Reconstruction Image Folder Path. Then start watching the folder and execute the graph.

Supported file types:

.avi, .mov, .qt, .mkv, .webm, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .m2v, .m4v, .wmv, .ogv, .ogg, .mxf

FFmpeg can be used for video file conversion.

MR version 2020.x




Media Path

Media Path

Media Paths

Input video files or image sequence directories.


Camera brand.


Camera brands.


Camera model.


Camera models.


Focal in mm (will be use if not 0). (0.0-500)


Focals in mm (will be use if not 0).


Focal in px (will be use and convert in mm if not 0). (0.0-500)


Focals in px (will be use and convert in mm if not 0).

Frame Offset

Frame Offset 0-100

Frame Offsets

Frame Offsets

Sensor Db Path

Camera sensor width database path. (ALICEVISION_SENSOR_DB)

Voctree Path

Vocabulary tree path. (ALICEVISION_VOCTREE)

Use Sparse Distance Selection

Use sparseDistance selection in order to avoid similar keyframes. (True)

Use Sharpness Selection

Use frame sharpness score for keyframe selection. (True)

Sparse Distance Max Score

Maximum number of strong common points between two keyframes. (1-200, 100)

Sharpness Preset

Preset for sharpnessSelection : {ultra, high, normal, low, very_low, none}

Sharp Subset

sharp part of the image (1 = all, 2 = size/2, …) (1-100, 4)

Min Frame Step

minimum number of frames between two keyframes (1-100, 12)

Max Frame Step

maximum number of frames after which a keyframe can be taken (2-1000, 36)

Max Nb Out Frame

maximum number of output frames (0 = no limit) (0-10000)

Verbose Level

[‘fatal’, ‘error’, ‘warning’, ‘info’, ‘debug’, ‘trace’]

Output Folder

Output keyframes folder for extracted frames. (internalFolder)