Simplify your mesh to reduce mesh size without changing visual appearance of the model.




Input Mesh (OBJ file format)

Simplification factor

Simplification factor 0.5 (0 - 1)

Fixed Number of Vertice

Fixed number of output vertices 0 (0 - 1 000 000)

Min Vertices

Min number of output vertices 0 (0 - 1 000 000)

Max Vertices

Max number of output vertices 0 (0 - 1 000 000)

Flip Normals

Option to flip face normals ‘It can be needed as it depends on the vertices order in triangles and the convention change from one software to another. (True/False)

Verbose Level

verbosity level (fatal // error // warning // info // debug // trace)

Output mesh

Output mesh (OBJ file format) internalFolder + ‘mesh.obj

Comparison MeshDecimate and MeshResampling


MeshDecimate kills vertices to reduce the density, so the vertices at the end already exist in the original mesh. MeshResampling will recreate vertices on the surface with a uniform density, so there is no common vertice with the original mesh.

Flip Normals