List of LDR images or a folder containing them

Calibration Method

Method used for camera calibration. - linear - robertson - debevec - beta: grossberg

Input Response

external camera response file path to fuse all LDR images together.

Target Exposure Image

LDR image at the target exposure for the output HDR image to be centered.

Calibration Weight

Weight function type (default, gaussian, triangle, plateau). [‘default’, ‘gaussian’, ‘triangle’, ‘plateau’]

Fusion Weight

Weight function used to fuse all LDR images together (gaussian, triangle, plateau).

Oversaturated Correction

Oversaturated correction for pixels oversaturated in all images: - use 0 for no correction - use 0.5 for interior lighting - use 1 for outdoor lighting (0-1)

Recover Path

Path to write recovered LDR image at the target exposure by applying inverse response on HDR image.

Verbose Level

Verbosity level (fatal, error, warning, info, debug, trace).


Output HDR image path. desc.Node.internalFolder + ‘hdr.exr’

Output Response

Output response function path. desc.Node.internalFolder + ‘response.ods’